Here we provide some ideas for themes, but they are just suggestions.  The themes constrain the storytelling and can increase the difficulty of play.   If you have a judge, they select the theme.  If not, the dealer picks the theme or use the card and rules below to select them. 


Here are some theme ideas, but may also be used as rules if you choose.  How to set the theme is up to you.

Here are some ideas using the suit/value of the first card in a story to add diversity to themes.

The first part of the theme is the “mode” of play in extending the story.  You can just say “extend”, or you can then select the mode of play from the card:value:

  • victory cards: 1-up the story (your story/card is better than the previous one, e.g. they play a cat, you play a lion).
  • face off for face cards ( all stories/cards are are people/characters in battle )
  • odd number: must make an odd/unexpected twist to the story.
  • even numbers add to the story,

Using suit of a random or first card you you might constrain  the theme such that:

  • Diamond=Business or Science,
  • Hearts=Love or the body,
  • Club=Organizations or Prehistory. &
  • Spade=Mystery, Animals, or Zombies.
  • Victory/Other: Battles, or every-day life

Another idea si to let  the dealer chooses a theme that incorporates the “name” of the card/suit. Here are a few ideas, but you can be creative:

  • A: Sporting Aces (about spots) or A is for Aliens
  • K: Kings of X (e.g. Pop Culture, Music, countries)
  • Q: Famous Queens; music before(after/of) Queen.
  • J: Jack of all trades: All Jacks allow theme change.
  • 10: A top 10 list (in whatever the dealer says).
  • 9 lives of a cat; all play is animal related.
  • 7 is lucky. Play relates to luck or fantasy
  • 6: Problem solving with De Bonos 6 thinking hats
  • 5 continents; play refers different cultures.
  • 4 basic food groups: everything is food related
  • 3: Relate to the 3 books from a given trilogy.

You should get the idea.

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