Welcome to the Roar Stack Newsletter and Download Page, where you can signup for free information and free stuff. From here you can signup to receive information about Roarstack, e.g. when we launch on Kickstarter to offer new editions as well as signup for a free download.

Our Kickstarter will be offering a low-cost full print and play double deck as either 9up (3×3) grid for hand cutting or an 8-up designed for printing on micro-perforated such as those from from plaincards.com On Kickstarter you’ll get 112 cards with both front and back, with personalization on the front, something like this:

Example of Personalized Print-and-Play 9-Up Page of Victory Cards.

Example of Personalized Print-and-Play 9-Up Page of Victory Cards.

To give people get a chance to experience RoarStack, a bit of try before you buy, we’ve email you a free sample with 3 pages (23 cards + instructions).   If you made it to this page, you seem serious sign up and then you can download them, print them on card stock or photo paper, cut them out and play a few hands. These free print-and-play will not have the quality of the final decks — the free ones have more compression to keep the file size down to about 1Meg — the actual files for production are 600DPI images are 90MB and we expect the free P&P to be 300 dpi and ~40Megs.   You can use these to make play a little and make a youtube video for one of our kickstarter contests. 


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When you signup we also send you a link to download our free sample print-and-play deck so you can have a little fun with RoarStack.  When you  signup using the form below, the system will email you a link for your download.  (Note it may be a minute or two before you get the email).

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